1. The responsibilities of the regional NYI chair include:
    1. Giving leadership and direction to the regional NYI, working in cooperation with NYI global and regional leadership.
    2. Chairing the Regional NYI Council to cast a vision for youth ministry on the region.
    3. Facilitating the development of youth ministry on the region and working with the Regional NYI Council to define the regional NYI ministry focus according to needs.
    4. Presiding at the Regional NYI Caucus during the Global NYI Convention.
    5. Encouraging the development of NYI ministry on each district and field within the region.
    6. Representing the interests of regional NYI on appropriate regional boards and committees.
    7. Submitting an annual report to the Regional NYI Council, regional director and Regional Advisory Council (where applicable), and the Global NYI Council.
    8. Recommending an annual budget to the Regional NYI Council and the Regional Office.
    9. Serving as a delegate to the Global NYI Convention.
    10. Serving as a liaison between the regional NYI and Nazarene institutions of higher education on the region to promote communication, cooperation, and ministry partnership.
  2. The responsibilities of regional NYI officers include:
    1. Developing and designating leaders for the various regional NYI ministries.
    2. Defining and assigning titles and youth ministry responsibilities according to regional needs.
    3. Distributing the following responsibilities to insure accountability and effectiveness:
      1. Keeping a correct record of all meetings of the Regional NYI Council and attending to all matters of correspondence for the regional NYI.
      2. Disbursing, receiving, and keeping records of regional NYI funds, according to Global NYI Council, General Board, and regional office policies.
      3. Assisting the chair in compiling an annual financial report of all moneys raised and disbursed to submit to the Global NYI Council and other appropriate bodies.
      4. Working with the chair to create an annual budget to present to the Regional NYI Council and to the regional director for approval.
      5. Notifying the Global NYI Office and the regional office of the names and addresses of the various regional NYI officers and ministry directors as soon as possible after election or appointment.
    4. Cooperating with the chair in every way possible to facilitate regional youth ministry.
    5. Carrying out other ministries as assigned by the Regional NYI Council or Regional NYI Caucus.