1. 1. The Global NYI Council, in cooperation with the director of NYI, establishes and publicizes the process for amending the Global Ministry Plan and the Nazarene Youth International Charter through submitted resolutions.
  2. Any District NYI Council, Regional NYI Council, the Global NYI Council, or at least six sponsoring delegates to the Global NYI Convention may submit these resolutions. Resolutions must be in proper resolution form and received by the stated deadline.
  3. The NYI office must receive all resolutions at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting of the Global NYI Council in the year of the Global NYI Convention.
  4. Resolutions must be distributed in written form to Global NYI Convention delegates prior to the Global NYI Convention.
  5. Resolutions are considered first by the Global NYI Council and by a Resolutions Committee of the Global NYI Convention, composed of up to two NYI delegates appointed from each region by the Regional NYI Council. Resolutions which receive a majority vote of either body to recommend their approval are then considered by the Convention.
  6. Resolutions must be approved by a two-thirds vote of all delegates present and voting at the Global NYI Convention.
  7. All approved changes in the Nazarene Youth International Charter and Global Ministry Plan become effective no later than 90 days following the Global NYI Convention. The revised document must be distributed in written form prior to taking effect.