Church Secretary. The duties of the secretary of the church board are:


To record correctly and preserve faithfully the minutes of all church meetings and meetings of the church board, and do whatever else may pertain to the office. Board minutes should identify all voting board members as present or absent to clearly document a quorum. (120.1, 129.19)


To see that official papers, records, and legal documents pertaining to the local church, including deeds, abstracts, insurance policies, loan documents, church membership rolls, historical records, church board minutes, and incorporation papers are held in trust in either fireproof or secure safes on the local church premises, or when feasible, they may be placed in safe deposit facilities in local banks or similar institutions. Access to such shall always be shared with the pastor and church treasurer, and care for such shall be delivered immediately to the church secretary’s successor in office.


To sign in conjunction with the pastor all conveyances of real estate, mortgages, releases of mortgages, contracts, and other legal documents not otherwise provided for in the Manual. (102.3, 103–104.2)


Church Treasurer. The duties of the treasurer of the church board are:


To receive all moneys not otherwise provided for, and disburse the same only on order of the church board. (129.21)