An ordained elder or licensed minister (elder track) may be called to pastor a church by two-thirds favorable vote by ballot of the church members of voting age present and voting at a properly called annual or special meeting of the church, provided that:

  1. The nomination shall have the prior approval of the district superintendent.
  2. The nomination shall have been approved by the District Advisory Board when the individual nominated is a member of that same local church, or serving as a paid or unpaid associate of that local church; and
  3. The individual shall have been nominated to the church by the church board by two-thirds vote by ballot of all its members.

This call shall be subject to review and continuance as hereinafter provided. (119, 122–125.5, 129.2, 159.8, 211.10, 225.16, 514, 532, 533.4, 534.3)