From the list of these candidates, the General Assembly delegates from each region shall nominate to the General Assembly as follows:

Each region of 100,000 or fewer full members shall nominate one assigned ordained minister and one layperson; each region exceeding 100,000 and up to 200,000 full members shall nominate two assigned ordained ministers, one district superintendent and one pastor or evangelist, and two laypersons; and one additional layperson and one additional assigned ordained minister for regions exceeding 200,000 full members, with the following provisions:

On those regions whose membership is in excess of 200,000 full members, one assigned ordained minister shall be a pastor or evangelist; another shall be a district superintendent; and the other assigned ordained minister may be in either category.

No district shall be entitled to more than two members on the General Board, and no region shall be entitled to more than six members (with the exception of institutional representatives and members of Nazarene Missions International {NMI} and Nazarene Youth International {NYI}). Whenever more than two candidates from a district receive a higher number of votes than candidates from other districts on the region, those on another district receiving the next highest number of votes shall be selected as nominees from the region.

In each region the layperson(s), the pastor or evangelist, and/or the district superintendent who receive the highest number of votes in their respective classifications shall be nominated by majority vote to the General Assembly. In the instance of the larger regions where six members are to be elected, the layperson and the assigned ordained minister who receive the next highest number of votes shall be the additional nominees.

If a Regional Advisory Council determines that it is likely that a majority of elected delegates will be prevented from attending the General Assembly, the regional caucus voting may be conducted via postal or electronic means within six months prior to the start of General Assembly. The specific process by which this postal or electronic nomination of General Board members to the General Assembly occurs shall be proposed by the Regional Advisory Council and submitted to the General Secretary’s office for approval prior to implementation. (305.6, 901)