Regional Advisory Council (RAC). A region may have a Regional Advisory Council whose responsibilities will be to assist the regional director in strategy development for the region, review and recommend approval or disapproval of national board minutes before forwarding to the office of the general secretary, interview missionary candidates for recommendation to the General Board for global appointment, and receive reports from the regional director, field strategy coordinators, and ministry coordinators.

Membership of the RAC shall be flexible in order to shape the RAC according to the needs, development and requirements of the individual regions. The regional director will recommend the number of members of the RAC to the Global Mission director and general superintendent in jurisdiction for approval. Ex-officio members will be the general superintendent in jurisdiction of the region, Global Mission director and regional director who will serve as chairperson. Personnel accountable to Global Mission shall not be candidates for election to the RAC but may serve as resource persons. Members of the RAC will be elected by ballot by the regional caucus at the General Assembly. The RAC will fill any vacancy between General Assemblies.

The regional director, in consultation with the RAC, may convene a regional conference or area evangelism conference. (32.5)