The International Board of Education shall be the general church advocate for educational institutions in the Church of the Nazarene.

This board shall be composed of twelve members: eight elected by the General Board, plus these members ex-officio: two education representatives on the General Board, Global Mission director, Global Clergy Development director, and education commissioner. A Nominating Committee composed of the education commissioner, Global Mission director, two education representatives on the General Board, and general superintendents in jurisdiction for the International Board of Education and Global Mission shall present eight nominees approved by the Board of General Superintendents to the General Board for election.

In an effort to ensure broad representation throughout the church, the Nominating Committee shall submit nominees as follows: one regional education coordinator; three laypersons; two assigned ordained ministers from Global Mission regions where no person who is an education coordinator has been nominated; two “at large” nominees. No Global Mission region shall have more than one elected member on the IBOE until each region has a representative.

Throughout the nominating and election process, attention shall be given to the election of persons with cross-cultural perspective and/or experience as educators.

The functions of the International Board of Education are to: