A minister’s license shall terminate with the close of the next district assembly. It may be renewed by vote of the district assembly, provided:

  1. that the candidate for renewal shall file with the district assembly the Application for a District Minister’s License carefully filled in; and
  2. that the candidate shall have completed at least two courses in a validated course of study; and
  3. that the candidate has been recommended for the renewal of license by the church board of the local church of which he or she is a member, upon the nomination of the pastor.

In case, however, he or she shall not have passed a validated course of study required, the license may be renewed by the district assembly only upon submission of a written explanation for this failure. Such explanation shall be satisfactory to the District Ministerial Credentials Board or District Board of Ministry and approved by the general superintendent presiding. The district assembly may, for cause and at its discretion, vote against the renewal of a minister’s license.

Licensed ministers who have graduated from a validated course of study and have been placed in retired relation by the district assembly shall, with the recommendation of the District Advisory Board, have their license renewed without the filing of an Application for a District Minister’s License. (205.4)