The District Ministerial Credentials Board or District Board of Ministry or committee of the same, having considered an application for restoration to good standing submitted within the time frame allowed, may recommend to the district superintendent and appropriate district boards any one of the following:

  1. that the minister be restored to good standing and his or her credential returned;
  2. that the minister continue in a recovery process for a specified length of time before reapplying for restoration to good standing;
  3. that the recovery period be extended and the recovery plan revised (such as monitored re-engagement in ministry, assigning a new recovery team, or addressing personal, marital, or family concerns);
  4. that the minister continue under discipline;
  5. that the minister not be restored to good standing, but evidence of recovery be appropriately acknowledged and celebrated, and permission granted for the minister to resign his or her credential;
  6. that the minister be expelled from the membership and ministry of the Church of the Nazarene. (539.5, 540.7, 540.12)