Duties of a Recovery Team. A recovery team is responsible for facilitating the recovery of the health and well-being of the minister and of the minister’s spouse and family. It has neither the responsibility nor the authority to determine whether the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a member of the clergy should be reinstated to the minister. Insofar as the situation permits, the duties of a recovery team include:

  1. extending care to the minister’s spouse and family as well as to the minister;
  2. providing clarity to the minister and spouse on the process and purpose of recovery;
  3. coordinating the combined efforts of the minister, the district, and any congregation involved in developing a plan to address financial, housing, medical, emotional, spiritual, and other needs that typically arise with urgency in situations where misconduct has become evident;
  4. implementing the district-approved plan, including reporting regularly on its own efforts and on the status of the progress of the minister and his or her spouse and family in the recovery of health and well-being;
  5. communicating to the minister and his or her spouse, to the district superintendent, and to the appropriate district board when it judges its work is nearing completion or has progressed as far as can be expected;
  6. submitting to the District Ministerial Credentials Board or District Board of Ministry or appointed committee responsible for considering reinstatement, upon application by the minister for reinstatement of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a member of the clergy, its recommendation as to whether consideration for restoration of the minister to good standing is appropriate. (540.8)