In the event the minister under discipline is or becomes unresponsive to the recovery process, diligent effort should be given to furthering the recovery of the minister’s spouse and family while actively seeking to engage or re-engage the minister in recovery. Upon review of the recovery efforts and with due regard for the well-being of the minister’s spouse and family, the district superintendent may suspend, conclude, or otherwise redirect its recovery efforts.

In the event a district does not appoint a recovery team or the recovery team appointed fails to undertake its responsibilities within 180 days from the date the minister was placed under discipline, the minister under discipline may petition the Board of General Superintendents to transfer to another district the responsibility of facilitating efforts toward his or her recovery and of acting upon his or her subsequent application, if any, for restoration to good standing and reinstatement to the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a member of the clergy. This option is also available to the minister in question should a district fail to respond to his or her application for restoration to good standing. (540–540.2, 540.4–540.12)