A member of the clergy who is not in good standing shall not hold any position of trust or authority in the church or in its worship, such as: preach, lead worship, teach a Sunday School class, lead a Bible study or small group. The minister may only serve in these roles or be given a ministerial role upon the favorable recommendation of the district-appointed recovery team assigned to the minister and the consent of the District Advisory Board, the District Ministerial Credentials Board or District Board of Ministry, the district superintendent, and the general superintendent in jurisdiction. A favorable recommendation indicates a determination that the individual and his or her spouse and family have made sufficient progress in the recovery process to warrant once again allowing the individual to be of service in a position of trust or authority. Approval to serve in a position of trust or authority may be granted with or without restrictions and may be withdrawn by the district superintendent in consultation with the recovery team. (606.1–606.2, 606.5, 606.11–606.12)