Upon application by a minister under discipline for restoration to good standing as provided in paragraph 540.6, the recovery team may recommend to the district superintendent and the appropriate district board or appointed committee that the application be considered in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 540.8; or, that the minister continue in the recovery process for an additional and specified length of time before reapplying.

In the event the recovery team has concluded its efforts and the minister under discipline does not apply for restoration to good standing, the minister shall remain under discipline unless action is taken 1) to expel the minister from the membership and ministry of the Church of the Nazarene; or 2) to grant approval to the minister to resign his or her credential and become a lay member of the church. In situations of the resignation of credential by a minister who has been under discipline where there is evidence of substantial and sustained recovery, care should be given to appropriately recognize and celebrate such progress. (539.5, 540.10)