Response to an Application for Restoration to Good Standing. The District Ministerial Credentials Board or District Board of Ministry, or a committee of the same appointed by the district superintendent, shall consider any application for restoration to good standing received by the district superintendent, and:

  1. verify that the application is valid, having met all conditions for submission;
  2. request and evaluate the recommendation of the recovery team;
  3. interview the minister seeking restoration to good standing and any other persons it deems appropriate to interview;
  4. determine whether to recommend the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a member of the clergy be reinstated to the minister and his or her credential returned.

When an application has been submitted at least 180 days in advance of the next scheduled district assembly, consideration of the application shall be completed and recommendation made to the district superintendent prior to that district assembly. A recommendation to reinstate the rights, privileges and responsibilities of a member of the clergy to a minister whose credential is surrendered due to sexual misconduct shall require a two-thirds approval of the District Advisory Board. The recommendation is to be submitted to the Board of General Superintendents within one year of the date of the minister’s most recent application for restoration to good standing. Exceptions to any time frames specified in this paragraph must have the prior written approval of the general superintendent in jurisdiction. (540.2, 540.3, 540.6, 540.7, 540.12)