In case charges are filed, the District Advisory Board shall appoint five assigned ordained ministers and not fewer than two laypersons as it deems advisable of the district to hear the case and determine the issues; these persons so named shall constitute a District Board of Discipline to conduct the hearing and dispose of the case according to the laws of the church. No district superintendent shall serve as prosecutor or as assistant to the prosecutor in the trial of an ordained minister or licensed minister. This Board of Discipline shall have power to vindicate and absolve the accused in connection with said charges or to administer discipline commensurate with the offense. Such discipline may provide for discipline intended to lead to the salvation and rehabilitation of the guilty party. The discipline may include repentance, confession, restitution, suspension, recommendation for removal of credential, expulsion from the ministry or membership of the church, or both, public or private reprimand, or any such other discipline that may be appropriate including suspension or deferment of discipline during a period of probation. (225.4, 540.4, 540.12, 606.11–606.12)