1. The responsibilities of the NYI president include:
    1. Chairing the NYI Council to cast a vision for youth ministry in the church.
    2. Facilitating the development of youth ministry and working with the NYI Council to define the ministry focus in response to the needs of their young people.
    3. Serving on the church board and submitting a monthly report to the board. A local church board may establish prior to the annual election a minimum age for the NYI president to serve on the church board; should the president be younger, alternate representation for NYI on the church board may be appointed by the NYI Council, subject to the approval of the board.
    4. Submitting an annual report of ministry and finances to the annual church meeting.
    5. Recommending the budget for the local NYI, as approved by the NYI Council, to the church board.
    6. Serving as an ex officio member of the Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Board to coordinate youth Sunday School/Bible studies/small groups in the church.
    7. Working with the Nazarene Missions International (NMI) president in the development of a missions emphasis for youth.
    8. Serving as a delegate to the District NYI Convention and the District Assembly. Should the president be unable to attend, a representative elected by the NYI Council and approved by pastor and the church board may provide alternate representation.
  2. The responsibilities of other NYI officers include:
    1. Developing and designating leaders for various local NYI ministries.
    2. Being role models and spiritual guides for youth both within and outside the church.
    3. Defining and assigning titles and youth ministry responsibilities in response to local church needs.
    4. Distributing the following responsibilities to insure accountability and effectiveness:
      1. Keeping a correct record of all meetings of the NYI Council and attending to all matters of correspondence for the local NYI.
      2. Disbursing, receiving, and keeping records of NYI funds according to church board policy.
      3. Compiling an annual financial report of all moneys raised and disbursed to submit to the annual church meeting.
      4. Working with the NYI president to create an annual budget to present to the council and to the church board for approval.
      5. Cooperating with the president in every way possible to facilitate the local NYI ministry.
      6. Carrying out other ministries as assigned by the NYI Council.