Paid Staff

  1. When a youth pastor is employed in a church, the pastor, in consultation with the church board and NYI Council, assigns the responsibility for NYI to the youth pastor. In that case, the youth pastor carries out some of the duties otherwise designated to a local NYI president. However, the importance of the NYI president remains, in providing vital lay leadership, support, and representation for local youth ministry. The pastor, youth pastor and NYI Council work together to define the roles and responsibilities of the two positions and how they work together for the benefit of the church’s youth ministry.
  2. A youth pastor may not serve as the NYI president.
  3. The youth pastor serves ex officio on the NYI Council, the Executive Committee, and the NYI Nominating Committee.
  4. The youth pastor may serve as the pastor’s designee for NYI-related responsibilities.
  5. If a church has multiple paid staff that minister to specific age divisions within NYI, it may develop officers for each age division under staff leadership and determine from among those officers how NYI is to be represented on the church board.