1. District NYI officers are elected by the District NYI Convention to serve for a one-year term, from the close of the convention until their successors are elected and assume their ministry roles. At the recommendation of the district NYI Nominating Committee and with the approval of the district superintendent, an officer may be elected for a two-year term.
  2. A district NYI Nominating Committee nominates the officers of the district NYI. The nominating committee is appointed by the District NYI Council and consists of at least four district NYI members, and also includes the district superintendent and the district NYI president. All nominees must be approved by the District NYI Council and district superintendent.
  3. Officers are then elected by ballot by majority vote at the annual NYI Convention. When there is only one nominee for a position, a “yes” and “no” ballot is used, with approval by two-thirds vote. If recommended by the nominating committee, the convention may vote to allow the District NYI Council to appoint the district NYI secretary and treasurer.
  4. An incumbent officer may be reelected by a “yes” or “no” vote when such vote is recommended by the District NYI Council, with the approval of the district superintendent and approved by two-thirds vote of the District NYI Convention.
  5. A vacancy occurs when an officer moves his/her membership from the district, resigns, or is removed from office by two-thirds vote of the council due to neglect of duties or inappropriate conduct. Should a vacancy occur in the office of district NYI president, the vice-president assumes the responsibilities of president until the next District NYI Convention. Should a vacancy occur among other officers, the District NYI Council fills the vacancy by two-thirds vote if there is one nominee or by majority vote if two or more nominees.