1. The responsibilities of the district NYI president include:
    1. Giving leadership and direction to district NYI, working in cooperation with NYI and district leadership.
    2. Chairing the District NYI Council to cast a vision for youth ministry on the district.
    3. Facilitating the development of youth ministry on the district and working with the District NYI Council to define the district NYI ministry focus according to needs.
    4. Presiding at the District NYI Convention.
    5. Encouraging the development of NYI ministry in each local church within the district.
    6. Representing the interests of NYI on all appropriate district boards and committees.
    7. Submitting an annual report to the District NYI Convention and District Assembly.
    8. Presenting an annual budget to the District Finance Committee (or appropriate district body) and to the District NYI Convention for approval.
    9. Serving as an ex officio delegate to the District Assembly.
    10. Serving as a delegate to the Global NYI Convention. Should the president be unable to attend, a representative elected by the District NYI Council and approved by district superintendent and district advisory board may provide alternate representation.
    11. Serving as a member of the Regional NYI Council, if so designated by the ministry plan of the region.
  2. The responsibilities of the vice president include:
    1. Cooperating with the president in every way possible to carry out effective youth ministry on the district.
    2. Performing the duties of the president in his/her absence.
    3. Carrying out other duties as assigned by the District NYI Council and Convention.
    4. In case of a vacancy in the office of district NYI president, fulfilling the functions of president until a successor is elected and installed.
  3. The responsibilities of the secretary include:
    1. Keeping a correct record of all the proceedings of the District NYI Council, the Executive Committee, and the District NYI Convention.
    2. Attending to all matters of correspondence for the district NYI.
    3. Notifying the global NYI Office and regional NYI chair of the names and addresses of the various district NYI officers and ministry directors as soon as possible after election.
    4. Carrying out other duties as assigned by the District NYI Council and Convention.
  4. The responsibilities of the treasurer include:
    1. Disbursing, receiving, and keeping record of district NYI funds.
    2. Compiling an annual financial report of all moneys raised and disbursed to submit to the annual District NYI Convention.
    3. Working with the president to create an annual budget to present to the appropriate bodies.
  5. Other responsibilities may be assigned to officers according to district youth ministry needs.