Bible Societies.

  1. Approved Bible Societies. The Church of the Nazarene places special emphasis upon the Bible as the written revelation of God, and we believe that it is the primary agency to win new followers to Jesus Christ, and because there is an increasing need for more copies of the Scripture; therefore be it Resolved,
    First, That the General Assembly express its hearty approval of and sympathy with the work of the United Bible Societies around the world.

    Second, That we endorse the observance of Universal Bible Sunday, directing attention on this day to the essential place the Scriptures should occupy in the lives of Christian people.

  2. Offering for Bible Societies
    Resolved, That the Church of the Nazarene designate the second Sunday of December of each year as a special time for the presentation of this important matter and the taking of an offering for each nation’s Bible Society. The Bible Society chosen shall be members (associate or full), of the worldwide fellowship of the United Bible Societies or in the absence of a member society, such other Bible Society designated by the district; also that a special effort be made to have all of our churches take part in such an offering. All churches should consult their district office for instructions regarding how to send their contributions to their respective country’s Bible society. (2017)