General Assembly Business.

(From the 2017 General Assembly Rules of Order)

Resolutions and Petitions

Rule 14. Presenting Resolutions to the General Assembly. District assemblies, a committee authorized by the district assembly, regional councils, the General Board or any of its recognized departments, official boards or commissions of the general church, the Global Nazarene Missions International Convention, the Global Nazarene Youth International Convention, or five or more members of the General Assembly, may present resolutions and petitions for the consideration of the General Assembly in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Resolutions and petitions shall be printed or typewritten on the official form furnished by the general secretary.
  2. Each resolution or petition presented will include the subject and the name of the delegates or group making the presentation.
  3. All resolutions that call for action that requires expenditures must include an estimated cost to complete the action.
  4. Proposals for changes in the church Manual must be presented in writing and shall give paragraph and section of Manual to be affected and the text of the change, should it be adopted.
  5. They shall be presented to the general secretary no later than 01 December prior to the convening of the assembly to be numbered and sent to the Reference Committee for reference in accordance with Rule 24 and Manual 305.1.
  6. Any resolutions which are non-Manual items must indicate which entity has responsibility to enact legislation.

Rule 15. Resolutions and Petitions for Late Reference. Resolutions, petitions, and other items may be presented to the general secretary for reference to a legislative committee no later than 01 June. Resolutions from global conventions which meet just prior to the General Assembly, will be processed for consideration.

Rule 16. Manual Changes. Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly shall be submitted to the Manual Editing Committee to be harmonized with other Manual provisions.