General Board

Members By Church Regions

Minister Layperson

Africa Region

Minister Layperson
Arsenio Jeremias Manjate Sibongile Gumedze
Solomon Ndlovu Benjamin Langa
Stanley Ushe Angela M. Pereira B. D. V. Moreno

Asia-Pacific Region

Minister Layperson
Kafoa Muaror Leonila Domen
Min-Gyoo Shin Joung Won Lee

Canada Region

Minister Layperson
D. Ian Fitzpatrick David W. Falk

Central USA Region

Minister Layperson
Ron Blake Judy H. Owens

East Central USA Region

Minister Layperson
D. Geoffrey Kunselman Carson Castleman

Eastern USA Region

Minister Layperson
Samuel Vassel Larry Bollinger

Eurasia Region

Minister Layperson
Sanjay Gawali David Day
David Montgomery Vinay Gawali
Mary Schaar Christoph Nick

Mesoamerica Region

Minister Layperson
Elias Betanzos Carmen L. Checo de Acosta
Walliere Pierre Abraham Fernandez Gamez
Antonie St. Louis Plinio E. Urizar Garcia

North Central USA Region

Minister Layperson
Jim Bond Larry McIntire

Northwest USA Region

Minister Layperson
Randall J. Craker Joel K. Pearsall

South America Region

Minister Layperson
Adalberto Herrera Cuello Galdina Arrais
Fernando Oliveira Jacob Rivera Medina
Amadeu Teixeira Emerson Natal

South Central USA Region

Minister Layperson
Terry C. Rowland Cheryl Crouch

Southeast USA Region

Minister Layperson
Larry D. Dennis Michael T. Johnson
Dwight M. Gunter II Dennis Moore

Southwest USA Region

Minister Layperson
Ron Benefiel Daniel Spaite



Minister Layperson
John Bowling Bob Brower

Nazarene Missions International

Philip Weatherill

Nazarene Youth International

Adiel Teixeira

Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International

Milon Patwary


General Court of Appeals

  • Hans-Günter Mohn, Chairperson
  • Janine Metcalf, Secretary
  • D. Ian Fitzpatrick
  • Brian Powell
  • Donna Wilson


Global Council of Nazarene Missions International


Global Nazarene Education Consortium


Annuities. The General Board and institutions of the church are prohibited from using annuity gifts until such have become their valid property by the death of the annuitant. Such gifts are to be carefully invested in funds usually accepted as trust funds by the courts of the land. (2017)