Vacancy. If a vacancy occurs in the Board of General Superintendents, in the interim of sessions of the General Assembly, the question of calling for an election to fill the vacancy shall be decided by the Board of General Superintendents. Upon receipt of the board’s decision, the general secretary shall notify all members of the General Board. When an election is called for, the members of the General Board shall elect, by a two-thirds vote, an elder of the Church of the Nazarene to fill the vacancy and to perform the duties of the general superintendent until 30 days following the final adjournment of the next General Assembly, and until a successor is elected and qualified. (25.4, 305.2)


The duties of the Board of General Superintendents shall be to:


Provide supervision, guidance, and motivation for the general church, with appropriate attention to leadership and theology for all districts, agencies, and ministries of the global Church of the Nazarene.


Have primary authority with regard to ecclesiastical policies and plans, and to advise the General Board, its committees, and all boards of the Church of the Nazarene on other matters. The Board of General Superintendents shall make recommendations they deem advisable to the General Board and to the committees. The Board of General Superintendents shall approve or disapprove all nominations made by the Global Mission Committee to the General Board for appointment as missionaries.