When a minister is accused of conduct unbecoming a minister, and shall admit to guilt, or shall confess to guilt prior to being brought before a Board of Discipline, the District Advisory Board may assess any of the disciplines provided for in paragraph 606.5. (540.4, 540.12)


Following a decision by a Board of Discipline, the accused, the District Advisory Board, or those who sign the charges shall be entitled to appeal the decision to the Regional Court of Appeals. The appeal shall be begun within 30 days after such decision, and the court shall review the entire record of the case and all steps that have been taken therein. If the court discovers any substantial error prejudicial to the right of any person, it shall correct such error by ordering a new hearing to be conducted in a manner capable of giving relief to that person affected adversely by previous proceedings or decision.


When the decision of a Board of Discipline is adverse to the accused minister and the decision provides for suspension from the ministry or cancellation of credential, the minister shall thereupon immediately suspend all ministerial activity; and refusal to do so will result in the forfeiture of the right to appeal.


When the decision of a Board of Discipline provides for suspension or cancellation of credential and the accused minister desires to appeal, he or she shall file with the secretary of the court to which the appeal is made, at the time the notice of appeal is filed, his or her written credential as a minister, and his or her right of appeal shall be conditioned upon compliance with this provision. When such credential is so filed, it shall be safely kept by the said secretary until the conclusion of the case, and thereupon the same shall either be forwarded to the general secretary or returned to the minister as the court may direct.