District NYI Meetings

  1. A variety of district NYI gatherings help provide effective ministry to young people.
  2. The district NYI also encourages and enhances local NYI ministry by meeting with local NYI groups across the district to resource them for effective ministry.
  3. The district NYI participates in regional and global NYI gatherings that further enhance effective youth ministry across the district.


District NYI Council Meetings

  1. The District NYI Council meets regularly to fulfill the mission and vision of district NYI.
  2. Meetings of the council may be scheduled or called by the district NYI president or district superintendent.


District NYI Convention

  1. The annual District NYI Convention provides for inspirational sessions and programs to advance youth ministry across the district. Reports are received, leadership is elected, and any legislative business pertaining to the work of NYI is transacted at the Convention. Delegates to the Global NYI Convention are also elected consistent with the NYI Global Ministry Plan.
  2. The District NYI Council arranges for and oversees the District NYI Convention, in cooperation with the district superintendent. The Convention convenes at a time and place designated by the District NYI Council, with the approval of the district superintendent and within ninety days of the District Assembly.
  3. The District NYI Convention is composed of the members of the District NYI Council, the district superintendent, local pastors, other assigned ordained ministers of the district who participate in NYI ministry, and local NYI delegates.
  4. All local NYI delegates to the District NYI Convention must be members of the Church of the Nazarene that they represent.
  5. The number of local NYI delegates for each church is determined by the membership figures on the most recent local Pastor’s Report prior to the District Assembly. District NYI leadership encourages local churches to make suitable arrangements for the expenses of delegates attending the District NYI Convention.
  6. The local NYI delegation to the District NYI Convention for churches with 30 or fewer NYI members consists of:
    1. The pastor and youth pastor or any full‑time paid pastoral staff who participate in NYI ministry;
    2. The newly-elected local NYI president;
    3. Up to four elected delegates, with at least half being within the district-established NYI ministry focus.
    4. Local churches may add an additional delegate for each successive 30 local NYI members and/or final major part of those 30 members (i.e., 16–29 members). At least half of any additional delegates must be also within the district-established NYI ministry focus.
  7. The pastor of any local church or director of an approved Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Center not having an organized NYI may appoint one delegate.
Number of members Number delegates*
5–45 4
46–75 5
76–105 6
106–135 7
136–165 8
166–195 9
196–225 10
226–255 11

* Number of elected delegates from a local NYI does not include ex officio delegates (NYI president, pastor, youth pastor, District NYI Council members from a local church, etc.).