In circumstances where the district superintendent has determined that a church is in an unhealthy, declining situation, the continuation of which threatens the viability of the church and its mission effectiveness, the district superintendent may pursue contact with the pastor or the pastor and the church board to evaluate the circumstances. Every effort shall be made to work with the pastor and church board toward resolution of issues that have led to the circumstances which are impeding mission effectiveness.

If the district superintendent, after working with the pastor and/or board, concludes that further intervention is necessary, he or she may, with the approval of the District Advisory Board, take appropriate action to address the situation. Such action may include, but is not limited to:

  1. The removal of the pastor;
  2. The dissolution of the church board;
  3. The initiation of such special interventions as may be necessary to restore the church’s health and mission effectiveness.

The assets of an organized church remain under the control of an incorporated local church, unless declared inactive in accordance with paragraph 106.5 or disorganized in accordance with paragraph 106.1. The general superintendent in jurisdiction shall be notified of actions taken within 30 days.


When in the opinion of the district superintendent, a local church declared in crisis in accordance with paragraph 126.1 has fulfilled the interventions set in place and is ready to resume its ministry under normal circumstances, the local church may be declared out of crisis by the majority vote of the District Advisory Board. The district superintendent shall notify the general superintendent in jurisdiction within 30 days.


To appoint a district chaplaincy director to promote and amplify holiness evangelism through the specialized ministry of chaplaincy. (240)