To assign a committee of the board, whose responsibilities include: (a) monitoring the church budget, (b) reporting to the board on the financial conditions and concerns of the church.


To determine the amount of remuneration and benefits, including retirement benefits, the pastor shall receive, and to review them at least once a year. (32.3, 115.4, 115.6, 123–123.7)


To provide ways and means for the support of the pastor, the pastoral supply, or any other paid workers of the church; to encourage and support through planning and budgeting the lifelong learning commitment of the pastor and staff. (115.4)


In order to encourage a healthy pastoral ministry and strong spiritual life of the pastor, the church board, in consultation with the district superintendent, should provide a sabbatical leave for the pastor during each seventh consecutive year of service in one congregation. The timing and duration of the sabbatical shall be determined in consultation with the pastor, church board and district superintendent. It is strongly urged that the pastor’s salary continue in full and the church board provide for pulpit supply during the sabbatical period. This topic is to be addressed by the district superintendent as part of the church/pastoral relationship review process that would come after year two and again in year six, once the viability of continuing the relationship has been established. Materials shall be developed and distributed by the Global Clergy Development office to guide local congregations in establishing and implementing a sabbatical leave policy and procedure. At the church board’s discretion, such a program may also be implemented for a member of the pastoral staff.


To determine the financial support and housing allowance an evangelist should receive and notify the person of such minimum support at the time of the call by the church board.


To recommend, at its discretion, to the district assembly, upon nomination by the pastor, any person who desires to receive a certificate for any of the roles of ministry, including all lay and ministerial candidates aspiring to be recognized for ministries beyond the local church, if such recommendation is required by the Manual.