Full Membership. The full membership of the local church shall be composed of all persons who have been organized into a local church by those authorized so to do, and all who have been publicly received by the pastor, the district superintendent, or the general superintendent, after having declared their experience of salvation, and their belief in the doctrines of the Church of the Nazarene, and their willingness to submit to its government. The local church leadership shall seek to place every member into a ministry of service and a circle of care and support. (23, 107.2, 111, 113.1, 516.1, 520, 532.8, 538.8–538.9)


When persons desire to unite with the church, the pastor shall explain to them the privileges and responsibilities of membership in the church, the Articles of Faith, the requirements of the Covenant of Christian Character and the Covenant of Christian Conduct, and the purpose and mission of the Church of the Nazarene.

After consulting with the Evangelism and Church Membership Committee, the pastor shall receive qualified candidates into the membership of the church in a public service, using the approved form for the reception of members. (21, 28–33, 110–110.4, 228, 704)


Members of a Church-Type Mission. Where the organization of a local church has not been effected, a church-type mission shall receive and report church members in the annual statistics according to paragraphs 107 and 107.1.


Fellowship Membership. Where a district makes provision, a local church may have fellowship members who shall have all the privileges of church members, with the exception of voting and holding church office. (205.24)


Inactive Membership. A local church may designate persons as “inactive members” for the reasons stated in paragraphs 109.1 and 109.2. (112.3, 133)


A member of a local church who has moved to another community and ceases to be active at his or her church of membership should be urged to attend the Church of the Nazarene there and to request a transfer of membership to that church.


When a member of a church has been absent from all religious services of the church for six successive months without a reason deemed justifiable by the church board, and attempt has been made to encourage him or her to become active when possible, that person’s membership may be declared inactive upon recommendation of the Evangelism and Church Membership Committee and action of the church board. The person shall be informed by a redemptive letter from the pastor within seven days of the action of the church board. After such action of the church board, the pastor shall update the membership roll of the local church with “Placed on the Inactive Membership Roll by the church board (date).”


Inactive members shall be included in the full membership of the local church with active members. Membership shall be reported to the district assembly in separate categories, namely (1) active and (2) inactive members.