Declaring Churches Inactive or Disorganized. Churches may be declared inactive for a period of transition by action of the District Advisory Board prior to being officially disorganized, reactivated or reorganized.


In case a local church becomes inactive or disorganized, or in the event of withdrawal or attempted withdrawal from the Church of the Nazarene (as certified by the District Advisory Board), any church property that may exist may in no way be diverted to other purposes, but title shall pass to the District Advisory Board acting as agent for said district where such has been incorporated, or other authorized agents, for the use of the Church of the Nazarene at large, as the district assembly shall direct. Local church trustees holding property for the inactive or disorganized church shall sell or dispose of the same only on the order and under the direction of the District Advisory Board or other appointed agent of the district assembly, with the written approval of the general superintendent in jurisdiction; either conveying said property or delivering the proceeds from the sale thereof as directed by the district assembly or its District Advisory Board. (104.4, 106, 225.23)


No trustee or trustees of an inactive or disorganized church, or a church that withdraws or attempts to withdraw from the Church of the Nazarene, may divert property from the use of the Church of the Nazarene. (104.4, 141–144, 225.23)


When a local church has been declared inactive, the signatories on all church monetary and/or security accounts must transfer the proceeds of the same to the District Advisory Board for deposit. Refusal to comply authorizes the District Advisory Board by resolution to close all accounts and assume jurisdiction of all assets where the law allows.