Paid Staff

  1. When a youth pastor is employed in a church, the pastor, in consultation with the church board and NYI Council, assigns the responsibility for NYI to the youth pastor. In that case, the youth pastor carries out some of the duties otherwise designated to a local NYI president. However, the importance of the NYI president remains, in providing vital lay leadership, support, and representation for local youth ministry. The pastor, youth pastor and NYI Council work together to define the roles and responsibilities of the two positions and how they work together for the benefit of the church’s youth ministry.
  2. A youth pastor may not serve as the NYI president.
  3. The youth pastor serves ex officio on the NYI Council, the Executive Committee, and the NYI Nominating Committee.
  4. The youth pastor may serve as the pastor’s designee for NYI-related responsibilities.
  5. If a church has multiple paid staff that minister to specific age divisions within NYI, it may develop officers for each age division under staff leadership and determine from among those officers how NYI is to be represented on the church board.



  1. The Local NYI Council is composed of the NYI officers, other elected or appointed youth member-at-large and ministry leaders as deemed necessary, and the pastor and/or youth pastor, who collectively cast the vision for local youth ministry.
  2. NYI Council members must be members of the local Nazarene Youth International. Local church membership is strongly encouraged and NYI Council members should be expected to become church members.



  1. A NYI Nominating Committee nominates local NYI members to be elected to the NYI Council.
  2. The NYI membership then elects the members of the NYI Council from submitted nominations by majority vote at the annual NYI meeting.
  3. A vacancy occurs when a council member moves his/her membership from the local NYI, resigns, or is removed from office by two-thirds vote of the council due to neglect of duties or inappropriate conduct. Should a vacancy occur among council members, the NYI Council fills the vacancy by two-thirds vote if there is one nominee or by majority vote if two or more nominees.
  4. If a church has fewer than seven NYI members, the pastor may appoint the members of the NYI Council so that youth ministry may be developed and young people are reached for Christ.



  1. The NYI Council is responsible for planning and organizing the total ministry for youth within the local church and, through its officers and directors, initiates and directs ministries and activities to reach young people for Christ and to respond to their spiritual growth needs, in harmony with local church leadership.
  2. The NYI Council defines the ministry focus of the local NYI in response to local youth ministry needs, and develops and assigns titles and job descriptions for ministry directors.
  3. The NYI Council gives leadership to the youth area of Sunday School/Bible studies/small groups by promoting growth in enrollment and attendance for youth, nominating and providing training for youth Sunday School/Bible study/small group teachers and leaders, and recommending curriculum and resources to be used, in cooperation with the Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Board.
  4. The NYI Council cooperates with the District NYI Council in promoting district, regional, and global NYI ministries to young people of the church.
  5. The NYI Council establishes and communicates the process for submitting revisions to the local ministry plan.



  1. The NYI Executive Committee consists of elected NYI officers and the pastor or youth pastor. The Executive Committee may conduct the business of the NYI Council when necessary. All actions of the Executive Committee are communicated to the remaining members of the council and are subject to the approval of the entire council at its next meeting.
  2. The NYI Council may establish specific ministry or age division committees in response to youth ministry needs.


Paid Staff

  1. The pastor designates the responsibilities of a youth pastor, in consultation with the church board and the NYI Council.
  2. The NYI Council and youth pastor work in cooperation and harmony with each other.
  3. If a church has multiple paid staff who minister to specific age divisions within NYI, it may develop NYI councils or committees for each of these age divisions under staff leadership. The church may decide whether a coordinating council for the various groups is used.


Local NYI Meetings

  1. A variety of local NYI gatherings help provide effective ministry to young people.
  2. The local NYI group participates in district, regional, and global NYI gatherings that further enhance youth ministry in the church.


NYI Council Meetings

  1. The NYI Council meets regularly to fulfill the mission and vision of NYI.
  2. Meetings of the council may be scheduled or called by the president or pastor.


Annual Meeting

  1. The annual meeting of the local NYI is held within sixty days of the District NYI Convention and in harmony with the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.
  2. NYI officers and council members and delegates to the District NYI Convention are elected at the annual NYI meeting.
  3. The NYI local ministry plan may be revised by two-thirds vote at the NYI annual meeting.