An elder or licensed minister who sustains a retired relationship with the church or any of its departments, and who wishes to perform a ministerial function through revivals or evangelistic meetings, may receive certification for “retired evangelism service.” Such certification shall be for one year, shall be voted by the district assembly upon recommendation by the district superintendent, and may be renewed by subsequent district assemblies on the basis of actual work in evangelism in the year prior to the assembly.


Guidelines and procedures for certification of evangelists’ roles will be contained in the Sourcebook on Ordination.


Minister of Christian Education. A member of the clergy employed in a ministerial capacity in a Christian education program of a local church may be assigned as a minister of Christian education.


A person who was, in the years preceding 1985, licensed or commissioned as a minister of Christian education, shall continue in good standing. However, those persons desiring to begin the pursuit of the role of minister of Christian education may complete the requirements for ordination to the order of deacon as their credential for this ministry.


Minister of Music. A member of the Church of the Nazarene who feels called to the ministry of music may be commissioned as a minister of music for one year by the district assembly, provided such person:

  1. has been recommended for such work by the church board of the local church in which membership is held;
  2. gives evidence of grace, gifts, and usefulness;
  3. has had at least one year of experience in music ministry;
  4. has had not fewer than one year of vocal study under an accredited teacher and is pursuing a validated course of study or its equivalent prescribed for ministers of music or has completed the same;
  5. is regularly engaged as a minister of music; and
  6. has been carefully examined, under the direction of the district assembly of the assembly district within the bounds of which the person holds his or her church membership, regarding his or her intellectual and spiritual qualifications, and general fitness for such work. (205.10)


The core duties of a pastor are to: