Special Service. A member of the clergy in active service not otherwise provided for shall be appointed to special service, if such service is approved by the district assembly, and shall be listed by the district as an assigned minister. Persons designated special service are required to maintain relationship with the Church of the Nazarene and will submit annually in writing to the District Advisory Board and District Ministerial Credentials Board or District Board of Ministry, the nature of their ongoing connection with the Church of the Nazarene.


A member of the clergy employed in a ministerial capacity as an officer in a church-related organization serving the church, or approved upon careful evaluation of his or her District Advisory Board and district assembly to serve with an educational institution, evangelistic, or missionary organization not directly related to the church, may be appointed to special service subject to paragraph 538.13.


A member of the clergy between assignments for a short period of time or on leave of absence may be appointed to special service by the District Advisory Board, upon recommendation by the district superintendent.