The General Board shall have power to buy, own, hold, manage, mortgage, sell, convey, and donate, or otherwise acquire, encumber, and dispose of both real and personal property, sold, devised, bequeathed, donated, or otherwise conveyed to The Church of the Nazarene, Inc. in trust for any lawful purpose, and to execute such trust; to borrow and to loan money in the execution of The Church of the Nazarene, Inc.’s lawful purposes.


The General Board shall meet before or immediately following the final adjournment of the General Assembly and shall organize by electing officers and committees, and members to committees as required by its Articles of Incorporation and bylaws, to serve for the quadrennium and until their successors are elected and qualified. The general superintendents shall preside over the meetings of the General Board.


Meetings. The General Board shall meet in session at least three times between General Assemblies, at a time and place specified by the bylaws of the said board or at the hour, date, and place unanimously adopted at any regular or special meeting in order to suit the best interests of the General Board and its committees.


World Evangelism Fund. Each local Church of the Nazarene is part of the global effort to “make Christlike disciples in the nations.” The World Evangelism Fund shall be used by the denomination for the support, maintenance, and promotion of general mission and related activities. Annual budgets for the general church will be based on contribution projections, with input from departments and agencies of the general church, and considering financial statements of the general treasurer. From time to time, the General Board shall determine the amount to be allotted from the World Evangelism Fund to each department and fund. When such allotments have been agreed upon, they shall be submitted to the Board of General Superintendents for consideration, suggestions, or amendments before final adoption by the General Board.


The General Board shall have authority to increase or diminish the amount requested by any department or fund. Items of finance adopted by the General Assembly shall be referred to the General Board, who shall be authorized to adjust proportionately with existing economic conditions the annual allocation of any institution or agency of the church, in keeping with the total financial commitment of the general church.