Affirming the value of family and the importance of pastors modeling peaceful and integrated lives, local churches should consider providing a maternity or paternity leave for the pastor and associates. District superintendents should encourage local churches to adopt maternity or paternity leave policies and provide for their development. Such policies may contain the following provisions:

  1. Timing and duration of maternity or paternity leave should be determined by mutual agreement of the pastor and church board prior to anticipated childbirth or adoption placement.
  2. Maternity or paternity leave should be considered in addition to and separately from vacation.
  3. The local church should consult with the pastor and district superintendent to arrange for a supply pastor during the period of maternity or paternity leave.
  4. During maternity or paternity leave the pastor’s full salary and benefits continue. Any other arrangement shall be placed in writing and signed by the pastor, secretary of the church board, and the district superintendent.