Maintain the records of persons who have been granted a district minister’s license.


Make available the latest version of the Manual.


Do faithfully whatever else may be necessary for the fulfillment of the duties of the office.


The general secretary is authorized to collect historic material relating to the rise and development of the denomination, and shall be the custodian of these records and materials.


The general secretary, in conjunction with the general superintendents, shall, prior to the opening of General Assembly, prepare necessary forms, including Rules of Order “Manual” Abridgment for revision, and other things for expediting the work of General Assembly. Expense incurred shall be provided for out of General Assembly expense fund.


The general secretary may have as many assistants as General Assembly shall elect, or, in the interim of sessions of General Assembly, the Board of General Superintendents may appoint.


If in the interim of sessions of General Board a vacancy should occur in the office of the general secretary, it shall be filled by the General Board, upon nomination as provided in paragraph 317.4. (335.21)