The Multicongregational Church. Organized local churches may enlarge their ministry by establishing Bible classes in various languages using the facilities of these churches. These Bible classes may develop into church-type missions or organized churches. This may result in more than one congregation existing under one church name, with the approval of the district superintendent. In such multicongregational churches where not all the individual congregations are organized churches, the District Advisory Board, with the approval of the district superintendent and the general superintendent in jurisdiction, may grant to such congregations the rights and privileges of an organized local church subject to the following conditions:

  1. Such congregations may not be incorporated separate from the organized local church.
  2. Such congregations shall not hold title to property separate from the organized local church.
  3. Such congregations shall not incur indebtedness without the approval of the district superintendent, the church board of the organized local church, and the District Advisory Board.
  4. No such congregation may withdraw as a body from the organized local church, or in any way sever its relation thereto, except by the express permission of the district superintendent in consultation with the pastor of the local church. (100–100.1)