Upon the recommendation of the church board and approval of the district superintendent, a congregation may elect co-pastors to serve. In this case, the following stipulations will apply:

  1. The co-pastors shall work with the church board, under the direction of the district superintendent, to develop a plan for shared responsibility and authority.
  2. Co-pastors are equals in the pastoral office. If required by law, one person shall be officially designated by the church board as the presiding officer, serving as president of the corporation and chairperson of the church board.
  3. The church/pastoral relationship review process shall be conducted as provided for in paragraphs 123–123.7.
  4. A local church whose pastor has not been appointed and who has served for at least two years may add one or more ministers as co-pastors by following paragraph 115 for this process. Upon approval by the district superintendent and a two-thirds vote of all the church board members, the church will vote whether to add any co-pastor. A co-pastor candidate would need to receive a two-thirds vote of the congregation in order to be approved to serve as co-pastor for that local church.
  5. If the necessary two-thirds vote is received, the two-year term would then begin on the same date for each minister. A regular church/pastoral relationship review would be scheduled within 60 days of the second anniversary of the pastoral service of the co-pastors (115, 123–123.7).