Separation/Divorce. Within 48 hours of the filing of a request for divorce or legal termination/separation of a marriage of a minister or within 48 hours of the physical separation of the minister and his or her spouse for the purpose of discontinuing the physical cohabitation, the minister shall (a) contact the district superintendent, notifying the superintendent of the action taken; (b) agree to meet with the district superintendent and a member of the District Advisory Board at a mutually agreeable time and place, or if no mutually agreeable time and place can be arranged, at a time and place designated by the district superintendent; and, (c) explain (at the meeting designated in item “b”) the circumstances of the action taken, explain the marital conflict, and explain the biblical basis for justification as to why the member of the clergy should be permitted to continue to serve as a member of the clergy in good standing. If a member of the clergy fails to comply with the subsections above, such noncompliance shall be cause for discipline. All ministers whether active, inactive, or retired, assigned or unassigned, are subject to these provisions, and must show due regard for the united advice of the district superintendent and the District Advisory Board. No active or assigned minister may continue in any member of the clergy role without the affirmative vote of the District Advisory Board.