Upon issuing a call, the local church will specify the proposed remuneration. The amount of this remuneration shall be determined by the church board. When agreement has been entered into between the church or the church board and the pastor, the payment of the pastor’s salary in full shall be considered a moral obligation by the church. If, however, the church becomes unable to continue the payment of the salary agreed upon, such inability and failure shall not be considered a sufficient cause for civil action against the church by the pastor; and in no case shall the church or District Advisory Board be legally responsible in excess of funds raised during the term of the pastor’s actual service, and not otherwise designated. If civil action is taken against the church or District Advisory Board by a current or former pastor, a district may take steps to obtain the minister’s credential and subsequently drop the minister’s name from the Roster of Ministers.

The local church should also make provision for the pastor’s traveling and moving expenses. (32–32.3, 129.8–129.9)